Why Professor Hulk Should Run For President In 2020

When you break it down, Professor Hulk is really the ideal candidate to be President of the United States! Subscribe to our channel:

Let’s face it, people, the Incredible Hulk is the leader we need! It feels like the whole world is in turmoil these days, and there’s one man with the best chance of setting everything straight. The former Avengers appears to be the ideal candidate to be the next President of the United States. Just look at his qualifications: he’s intelligent, he’s imposing, he’s battle-tested, he’s got a great network, and he isn’t really doing anything these days. He also meets all the necessary criteria to become a candidate.

In this video, we’ll break down exactly why Bruce Banner, or better yet, Professor Hulk, deserves to be the next President. There’s a slew of reasons why he’d do a good job. Also, nobody is perfect, so we’ll take a look at some of his flaws as well and determine if they’re really deal-breakers. Finally, we’ll take a look at which heroes he might fill out his cabinet with. It’s been a long time coming but I think society is finally ready for a superhero president! This is Professor Hulk as the President of the United States 2020 Theory.

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