This Is How Scarlet Witch Goes Crazy In MCU Phase 4

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is going through a transitional phase right now. There are plenty of characters who’s fate appears to be in limbo and we’re unsure of where things are heading for them. We saw the climactic conclusion to several legendary characters, as well as the awesome introduction of a few more. One character that has the debatably the most question marks surrounding them is none other than the Scarlet Witch, Wanda Maximoff.

In this video, we’ll dive into what Phase Four of the MCU has instore for this awesomely powerful being. We know that she lost the love of her life, and we also know that she’s getting her own show on Disney Plus. Outside of that, we’ll dive into some of the comic book source material to speculate what direction they’ll be taking her story arc. It’s about to get real weird, we can tell you that much. This is How Wanda Goes Crazy In Marvel Phase 4.

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