These Spider-Man Storylines Will Be Ruined If He Leaves The MCU

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Superheroes have a lot to deal with. Between common street thugs committing small crimes, and people like Thanos coming in trying to end all life everywhere, life can be complicated.

And to make things worse, here comes the whole issue of film rights, which is a very real world issue that causes major problems for our favorite heroes’ fictional worlds.

And right now, it looks like Spider-Man may soon be saying bye bye to the MCU, as Disney and Sony are having some major problems striking a deal to keep the webhead around.

While the door isn’t completely closed, at least as of the recording of this video, Spidey no longer being available to Marvel Studios, kind of messes with a few possibilities that they may have been building towards.

The biggest hanging thread currently is the whole “Spider-Man is the next Iron Man” thing.

Since his introduction in the MCU, it was pretty clear that Marvel was setting up Peter Parker as the successor to Tony Stark, meant to take over as the character at the forefront of the entire franchise.

And with Tony taking a well earned rest after the end of Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man: Far From Home put all the pieces in place, finally letting Parker stand tall on his own, ready to take his proper place as a member of the new Marvel trinity.

Buuuuuut whoops! Without the film rights to Spider-Man, that isn’t going to happen anymore. Sure, Sony could and probably are going to continue the films, building upon Far From Home and Homecoming, possibly towards the Sinister Six showdown that they’ve been wanting to do for years at this point.

Let's take a look at the impossible to do storylines, shall we?

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