Spider-Man: Far From Home Will Introduce Deadpool To The MCU

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Deadpool is back at home at Marvel. Well, his film rights, anyway. A couple of months ago, the Disney and Fox deal was completed. Disney now had back the film rights to a load of Marvel’s characters. Recently, a load of rumours have come out that Deadpool’s MCU debut is going to happen very soon. In particular, in Spider-Man: Far From Home. With the alternate realities potential being opened up after Avengers: Endgame, Far From Home will include such fascinating elements. This gives the Merc With A Mouth a prime opportunity to slide into the MCU. And it could be all thanks to Mysterio, the newest character to premiere in Far From Home and he will be portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal.

Beyond Far From Home, there are also a number of other rumours in how Deadpool will appear in the MCU. Another Spider-Man film may take over as the birthplace for the MCU’s Wade Wilson. Or even a certain new subscription service may pave the way for Wade. If two theories aren’t enough, we’ll throw in one more. That being that Deadpool enters the same way he did at Fox. With his own solo film. Deadpool is one of the few new MCU toys that won’t be rebooted. The X-Men and Fantastic Four are expected to be recast in their introduction. Deadpool is unique like that. But Wade isn’t the only character that might appear in Far From Home. A certain black alien anti-hero may join up with Peter Parker first. Who could this mysterious character be!? Well, watch the video to find out.

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