Netflix Is Reviving Your Favorite ’90s Cartoons

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We are in the midst of the streaming wars as every big production company aims to capture the largest viewing audience — and a big piece of their wallet as well. This means that Netflix is not just reaching out to develop top-notch family programming, but directly to the nostalgic parents looking to share the same content they enjoyed as kids with kids of their own. Enter the reboot!

Welcome to the land of reboots. A land filled with new versions of your favorite shows, older cast members returning to their roots, and that whole island filled with all those Disney animated movies turned into live-action spectacles. As the land of reboots continues to grow and prosper in the world of Hollywood, it was only inevitable that Nickelodeon would join in on the mix. Instead of sandwiching reboots between episodes of SpongeBob Squarepants and The Loud House, the network decided to team up with Netflix to unleash some of our childhood favorites for a whole new generation.

For kids growing up in the 90’s, Nicktoons were everything. The expansion of shows included hits like Doug, Rugrats, and Ren and Stimpy. Then programming expanded as we enjoyed more hits like Ahh! Real Monsters, Hey Arnold, Rocket Power, and Rocko’s Modern Life. Each show had its own unique style which helped build the foundation for Nickelodeon and still sees its influence on the airwaves today.

And Netflix has found a great partner among them all by teaming up with Nickelodeon to revive some of your favorite 90’s cartoons along with a slew of other shows. Learn about these cartoons, some possibilities for the future, and a pair of Angry Beavers who could easily chomp their way back into our lives!

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