Marvel Theory: Thor’s Powers Come From Advanced Technology

Asgard is a society built on a foundation of the most advanced technology in the MCU! Subscribe to our channel:

Thor’s home of Asgard is a wondrous place. The movies depict is as a utopia, with clear blue skies, rolling mountain ranges, and jaw-dropping architecture that would make any normal city on Earth blush. It’s a magical place, but not just in the wondrous appearances; it’s actually full of magic. Or, maybe I should say it’s actually full of technology.

While it’s widely agreed that Asgardians are able to use magic, the reality of the situation is a bit different. They aren’t using magic, per se, but more so advanced technology that our brains just can’t comprehend yet. In this video, we’ll take a look at how Asgard works, and how their technological advances have afforded these people the ability to live such illustrious lives. Strap in, because this is Asgardians Get Their Power From Super Advanced Technology.

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