9 Shocking Hidden Messages In Disney Movies

Here Are 9 Disney Movie Secrets You've Never Seen
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It's fair to say that in the world of animated films, Disney and Pixar will always be the dream jobs of most animators and storytellers. And once they get there, the men and women of the studio are eager to show their love for older films, or new ones still under development. The easiest way? By planting clues, easter eggs, and secret shout-outs within their very own movies. Here are Screen Rant's 9 Hidden Messages in Disney Movies.

Script by: Andrew Dyce @andrewbdyce

Voice Over by: Ryan George @TheRyanGeorge

1. Aladdin | 0:33
2. Big Hero 6 | 0:58
3. Brother Bear | 1:28
4. Lilo & Stitch | 1:50
5. The Princess And The Frog | 2:14
6. Robin Hood | 2:48
7. Cars | 3:13
8. Wreck-It Ralph | 3:39
9. Tangled | 4:06

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