15 Strict Rules The Cast Of Fast And Furious Have To Follow

With so many famous actors in the Fast and Furious franchise, there are bound to be some strange rules in place! Subscribe to our channel:

The Fast and the Furious franchise is one of the most lucrative and popular on the planet right now. The series has undergone multiple transformations over the years, from street racing to heisting being a live-action spy/action hybrid. But no matter what genre the movie has in the tank, one thing is for sure: the actors have to follow some specific rules and guidelines to do these movies.

Some are them are pretty straight forward and apply to almost all franchises in this day and age. There can be no talk of spoilers before the release of the movie and the actors have to act with a certain level of professionalism on and off-camera. That last point, however, has been tested in recent years thanks to the beef between Dwayne Johnson and some of the principal actors in franchise. Thankfully for Johnson, he’s a money-making machine; the same can’t be said for Ja Rule.

Then there are more unique rules they have to follow, such as the highly talked about contracts dictating how the leading men, including Johnson, Vin Diesel and Jason Statham, can’t appear to look weak on screen. The cast also had to go to driving school in order to do these movies and some of the actors, including Michelle Rodrigues and Jordana Brewster, had to actually get their driver's licenses to do the movies. They are also expected to do intensive fight choreography and in some cases, even ask and prove that they can do said action sequences, with one actor even offering a demo reel in order to get his own fight scene.

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