15 Biggest X-Men Movie Mistakes You Probably Missed

Here are 10 problems hidden in the X-Men films!
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The X-Men Universe is still going strong, with not just solo stories following some of the most fan-favorite characters, but massive event films calling on nearly every character in the X-Men movies. And as the stakes get higher, the action gets more elaborate – which means more amazing mistakes and unbelievable errors slip through for fans to enjoy. We've run down some of our favorites in our latest rapid-fire dose of trivia, Know Your Movies: 15 Most Shocking Mistakes From X-Men Movies.

Script by: Andrew Dyce @andrewbdyce

Voice Over by: Ryan George

X-Men | 0:33
X-Men 2 | 1:16
X-Men 3 | 1:56
X-Men: First Class | 2:28
X-Men: Days Of Future Past | 2:46

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