15 Actors Who Were Tricked Into Taking A Role

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You ever get tricked into taking the lead on a group project? Or step back from something you worked on to discover that it was nothing like you originally planned? Odds are you probably have, which puts you in the same boat as a surprising amount of famous actors. After all, they are only human, and are capable of making mistakes, both big and small.

Whether it’s misunderstanding a script, doing a favour for a friend, or literally being tricked into signing a contract, these fifteen actors got more than they bargained for when they signed up for these films.

From massive blockbuster movies to the most niche and outlandish conspiracy films, our favourite actors did not expect the experiences they got. Some were pleasantly surprised, but most… were not.

The comic book villain who was not pleased with the quality of his film. The hero who got a second chance at getting his character exactly right. The young adult superstar who appeared in one of the grossest movies ever made. The actors who had no idea what movie he was shooting until halfway through production. A superstar who fell for a cheap trick and ended up in the worst movie of his career. An actor who tried to fake an illness to escape a movie musical. The Star Trek star who narrated a bizarre documentary. A comedian who had no idea of the significance of the role he was taking. A superstar musician who accidentally landed the defining movie role of her career.

These and many more in the full video!

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