10 More Strict Rules Marvel Actors Have To Follow

Marvel actors have to follow so many guidelines, we couldn't fit them all into one video!
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Disney has been incredibly lucky over the past decade or so to have some of the most talented actors working today take on some of their most iconic comic book characters as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And on the flip-side, those actors have been equally blessed to work on such a juggernaut of a franchise. Such a massive cinematic undertaking.

And in order to keep working as a member of the Marvel family, there are some rules that these actors must follow.

You’ll already know this if you watched our previous video on this subject, but today we are here to tell you about a few more rules that actors must follow to stay a part of the MCU, such as having their social media content monitored, and sometimes even having their involvement at all kept tightly under wraps.

Or how about the fact that Scarlett Johanson isn’t allowed to keep the same hair from film to film, or the fact that Vin Diesel can only say three words, despite having completely written out dialog. Or how Ultron gets to sing a song from the movie Pinochio, but no one ever gets to put in any other Disney-related Easter Eggs without the company’s express permission.

Or how it is absolutely, positively a bad idea to do anything that could in any way, shape or form upset the House of Mouse? Including saying small, tiny little complaints about them?

So let’s dive in and take a look shall we?

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