10 Mistakes You Missed In Stranger Things Season 3

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Any time a show is set in a different year or decade, the production has a whole layer of new challenges to take on. For Stranger Things, the creative team has been pretty accurate, but season 3 featured some glaring errors that slipped through the cracks among all the mall references, food cameos, and pop-culture tie-ins with the show.

One of the key moments in the finale of season three was when Dustin finally got to connect with his summer camp girlfriend Suzie. He reached out to her to find out one thing: Planck’s Constant Value. Of course, getting an answer like this isn’t as easy as it seems because Suzie has Dustin croon a little with her too. And while we all got lost in the song, when it finished, we finally got to hear the value: 6.62607004. The number worked, Hopper and Joyce were able to retrieve the keys and help save the day. But there was a major error we all missed! As Will, Eleven, Mike, and the other friends hang out at the hospital, Mike and Eleven share a snack together. Will gently pours some M&Ms into Eleven’s hand, proving that even small milk chocolates can create teenage angst! But many of us watching weren’t worried about Mike and Eleven’s relationship, we were concerned with the red M&M’s featured in the scene!

Along with these errors, check out some glaring mistakes and goofs including a scene where Mike’s legs suddenly get extremely hairy!

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