10 Hidden Subliminal Messages In Popular Movies

Here are 10 secret hidden meanings placed in amazing movies!
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The most effective methods to get ideas across in cinema are usually the subtlest ones. Rather than characters stating ideas on religion and social commentary through dialogue, these messages are better expressed through allegories, metaphors, and symbols that infer subliminal meanings in the viewer. 
Here are 10 Secret Subliminal Messages In Famous Movies

Script by: Noah Taylor @NoahRTaylor

Voice Over by: Jacob Geller @Jacobs_Thoughts

Star Wars | 0:25
The Departed | 0:57
The Shining | 1:28
The Wizard Of Oz | 2:17
X-Men | 2:54
Aliens | 3:38
Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows | 4:22
The Matrix Reloaded | 5:02
The Truman Show | 5:42
Captain America: The Winter Soldier | 6:20

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