10 Good Movies That Should Have Had Different Endings

Top 10 films that didn't go out on a high note…
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Whether writing a movie or a TV series, there is one universal truth: endings are hard. Many films deliver an intriguing premise, compelling action, or powerful messages, only to fumble in the closing act.
Our list of 10 Good Movies Ruined By Terrible Endings shows that strong films can succeed despite flawed climaxes, but in our opinion, they would have been even better if their conclusions were just as flawless.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence | 0:31
The Ninth Gate | 1:05
Signs | 1:36
2001: A Space Odyssey | 2:12
The Devil’s Advocate | 2:49
The Wolverine | 3:21
High Tension | 3:54
I Am Legend | 4:27
Sunshine | 5:05
Superman: The Movie | 5:39

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