Top 10 World Records You Could Probably Beat

Top 10 World Records You Could Probably Beat! Some people perform amazing and impressive feats to make their way into the Guinness World Records. But not every record is born equal – here are 10 world records that you could probably beat.

10: The Greatest Distance Moonwalked in One Hour
9: The Fastest Time to Blow Up a Balloon Until It Pops
8: The Most T-shirts Put on in One Minute
7: The Longest Marathon Watching Television
6: The World’s Longest Handshake
5: The World’s Longest Hug
4: The World’s Longest Six-Star Crime Spree on Grand Theft Auto
3: The Most Smarties Eaten in One Minute – Blindfolded
2: The Longest Time Stuck in an Elevator
1: The Most Jelly Moved from One Bowl to Another in 30 Seconds


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