Top 10 STRONGEST Kids in the World

Top 10 Strongest Kids in the World! What were you doing when you were a kid? Most of us were eating chocolate, having fun and doing what every kid does. These 10 super children have demonstrated so much determination and hard work by the time they reach their teenage years that they put most of us to shame. Here’s the top 10 strongest kids in the world for 2017…

Number 10: Eli Etherton
Eli is just stepping into the professional bodybuilding arena, but, you know… he’s 10! The fact that he’s already at this stage in a career says plenty about his strength and dedication. Eli’s impressive muscle strength is likely to make his name a fixture around bodybuilder tournaments well into the future.

Number 9: Maryana Naumova
She’s closing in on 18 years old, so she won’t be a kid for much longer – but Maryana Naumova’s journey to this point has been so impressive that we have to include her. After all, it’s not every day that a 17-year-old kid is awarded the title of Master of Sports of Russia, International Class.

Number 8: Andrey Kostash
Since Andrey was five years old he’s been hard at work training – and with an impressive championship career already underway, there’s no doubt that the hard work is beginning to pay off. In fact, this Ukrainian wonder has already broken a world record by performing a ridiculous 4,000 push-ups in two hours. What’s more, he was disappointed with his effort – reports suggest his personal best is closer to 6,000!

Number 7: CJ Cummings
When he was 14, he was lifting over 100kg. A year later and CJ had beaten the world record in clean and jerk lift with a massive 175kg lift. CJ is already beasting his way through national records across the United States, with 18 of the things in his trophy cabinet. Now he’s got his sights set on international competitions. This South Carolina native certainly has what it takes to go the distance.

Number 6: CJ Senter
We’re putting these two CJs right next to each other – and we certainly couldn’t have left this 13-year-old strongman off the list. Not only is CJ known for this nickname The Workout Kid, he’s already built a reputation as healthy eating advocate for kids and teens.

Number 5: Yang Jinlong
By age seven, Yang was already a celebrity in his native China. How? Oh, didn’t we mention? Yang can move cars just by tying a rope around his waist and pulling. First, he was moving 100kg piles on concrete. Now he’s moving vans.

Number 4: Naomi Kutin
With a documentary covering her extraordinary life from ages 11 through to 14, the whole world will get the chance to see what Naomi Kutin can do first hand. That includes deadlifting 209lbs – that’s 225 percent of her bodyweight. Se set her first national record at eight years old and has looked back.

Number 3: Liam Hoekstra
Some people are just born with something special, and that was definitely the case with young Liam Hoekstra.

Liam has a rare medical condition called muscle hypertrophy – which involves the increase of the size of one’s skeletal muscle mass. By aged three, Liam had 40% muscle body mass and was outperforming pretty much everyone in his local gymnastics studio. It’s no wonder he soon became known as the world’s strongest toddler.

Number 2: Claudio Stroe
Since the age of two, Claudio has been working out – and it goes to show when he shows of by lifting over four times his body weight. Now nine, this Romanian can perform handstand press-ups on a bar and trains for at least two hours a day… every day.

Number 1: Giuliano Stroe
Claudio may be impressive, but it’s his brother Giuliano that takes out the number one spot on our countdown of the Top 10 Strongest Kids in the World.

Two years Claudio’s senior, Giuliano had a little bit of a head start on his brother so his list of achievements is that little bit longer. He’s broken two world records, scored multiple championship wins and performed the fastest 10-minute hand walk with weights on his feet.


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