Top 10 Expensive Celebrity Mansions

Hello and welcome back to another DailyTop10s Top 10 video. Today we are going to be looking at the Top 10 Expensive Celebrity Mansions. The lifestyles of the rich and famous are beyond the comprehension of normal everyday people, but today’s list will give you a peek into the world of celebrity.

Number 10: Jerry Seinfeld
He may be a guy famous for a television show about nothing, but someone needs to tell Jerry Seinfeld that $32 million dollars is a long way from nothing.

Number 9: Joe Montana
Being one of the greatest American quarterbacks of all time gets you the sort of home that outshines Jerry Seinfeld by $3 million clams. Footballer Joe Montana comes in at number nine on our list with his $35 million-dollar mansion.

Number 8: Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen
Another celebrated quarterback here, but Tom Brady presumably split the bill with his supermodel wife Gisele. When both of you are earning absurd amounts of money, it must be easy to drop $40 million dollars on a new LA home.

Number 7: Will and Jada Smith
Why just have a tennis court, when you can also have one for basketball? Why just have a swimming pool, when you can also have a lake? Sure, a media room is fun… but why don’t we also throw in a professional recording studio?

The Smith’s 25,000 square feet California mansion sounds mighty fine. It would have to be; it was listed at $42 million dollars.

Number 6: Jay-Z & Beyonce
Just sneaking ahead of Will, Jada and the kids is the king and queen of music, Jay-Z and Beyonce. Their $43.5 million abode is not theirs to own – they rent.

Number 5: Ryan Seacrest
Seacrest may be the current resident of this home valued at $49 million-dollars, but don’t forget to tip you cap to the mansion’s previous resident: Ellen Degeneres.

Number 4: Tiger Woods
Starting with a three-and-a-half-acre piece of land overlooking the water on Florida’s Jupiter Island, Woods had his team construct a plot designed to meet the quality conditions of a championship golf course. Then there is the rest of the property, which features two pools, two private boat docks, a boathouse, a games room, a wine cellar, a cavernous garage and – of course – a golf training studio.

Number 3: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
Now that they have split up, the question becomes, “what to do with the $60 million dollar French chateau?” Whether one of them gets to keep it, or not, it’s still number three on our list.

Number 2: Oprah Winfrey
Ocean views. Mountain views. Million dollar views.

Grandly named, ‘The Promised Land’, this 42-acre estate is just one of the many homes owned by Oprah, but none of the others are worth $90 million dollars. We’re assuming that none of the others have ten fireplaces, 14 bathrooms or a man-made lake stocked with fish, either – but we could be wrong.

Number 1: Hugh Hefner
If those walls could talk, there’s no doubt they would have a heck of a lot of stories to tell. Featuring a grotto, an aviary, a zoo, a wine cellar, a waterfall and even a pet cemetery, the Playboy Mansion was recently sold for a not-insubstantial $100 million dollars.


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