Top 10 BIGGEST People in the World

The Top 10 Biggest People in the World. Fat, tall, heavy… here are some figures that rocked the record books.

From the tallest man ever/ the tallest person in the world. Here is our list of everything from the worlds tallest man/tallest person ever to much more. The tallest man is pretty darn tall!

Number 10: The World’s Heaviest Birth
Number 9: The World’s Biggest Muscles
Number 8: The World’s Heaviest Competitive Bodybuilder
Number 7: The World’s Fattest contortionist
Number 6: The Tallest Country in the World
Number 5: The Tallest Living Person in the World
Number 4: The Fattest Child in the World
Number 3: The Tallest Couple in the World
Number 2: The Fattest Person in the World
Number 1: The Tallest Person in the World


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