Top 10 Animals That Are Having More Sex Than You

Top 10 Animals Having More Sex Than You! It can be a touch depressing to think that there are members of the animal kingdom that get down to business more frequently than we do. But that’s the uncomfortable truth – in fact, some of these amorous animals do it more than any human could possibly dream of.

Number 10: Seahorses
The dance starts with flirting, and seahorses are amongst the flirtiest animals out there. In particular, two breeds of seahorses – the Australian seahorse and the Caribbean slender seahorse – have been observed to flirt with 25 potential partners in a single day. Of course, it’s just a hop, skip and a jump from flirting to a bit of “how’s yer father?”

What’s more, 37% of the time these little dalliances are between sea horses of the same sex.

Number 9: Black Widow Spiders
What isn’t quite as well-known is that the female black widow gets a lot of suitors. Seriously, if her web had a door, it would be a revolving one – because she’s been known to enjoy a little afternoon delight with as many as 25 partners in a single day.

Number 8: Lions
When a lioness gets in the mood there’s no stopping her from getting what she wants. It turns out she wants to go at it hammer and tongs between 20 and 40 times a day.

Number 7: Japanese Macaques
These monkeys are frisky. When researchers Alfonso Troisi and Monica Carosi took 238 hours out of their lives to observe a group of macaques, they were privy to 240 amorous congresses. That’s a lot of bedroom rodeo.

Number 6: Argentine Lake Ducks
Okay, brace yourselves; this one’s confronting. Because this little argentine lake duck… well, we’re just going to come out and say it. This argentine lake duck’s John Thomas is 17 inches long.

Yes, that’s longer than the rest of the duck. Yes, that’s (way) longer than the average adult human male. This well-endowed duck only tends to use his not-so-little fellow in the springtime, but when he does, he uses it a lot.

Number 5: Rabbits
Female rabbits go into heat quite often, and their gestation period is a mere 30 days. That means that there are a lot of opportunities for them to enjoy knocking boots, and those wascally wabbits tend to take advantage of that fact.

Number 4: Dolphins
Dolphins are quite the sexually liberated bunch as well; they’ll exchange partners willy-nilly and jump into a good old-fashioned bout of group sex even if there isn’t a bowl to throw keys into.

Number 3: Sloths
As far as the male sloth in concerned, “going all the way” is a five second process – and that’s including foreplay. Female sloths aren’t said to enjoy the process all that much, but unfortunately for them, they have a habit of straight-up screaming when they are in heat – which is quite a lot. The screaming just encourages the male to wander on over to do the nasty all over again.

Number 2: Antechinus
You may not have heard of this little guy, but you’re unlikely to forget him after this. Based in Australia, these little mousey creatures have so much hanky panky that they literally kill themselves.

Getting to fourth base doesn’t seem to be worth physically disintegrating your entire body over, but the male antechinus is answering a biological clock that only he can hear. Over the course of a month or so, he goes from virgin field mouse to unstoppable sex maniac, bumping uglies with as many females as he can.

Number 1: Bonobos
These great apes are all about getting lucky. They get lucky constant. They get lucky as a way of saying hello; they get lucky to deal with social conflict; they get lucky for the fun of it. They like French tongue kissing, oral sex, and many enjoy homosexual practices. Bonobos have garnered a reputation for being the hippies of the ape world – it’s a constant state of free love, man.


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