10 Massive Movie Monsters That Went Too Far

Sometimes, when you go to the cinema, you want your ideas to be challenged and to be pulled all around by your emotions until you are a quivering wreck. But many of us get enough of that nonsense in real life. So, in the cinema, we just want to see some big-ass monster destroying stuff and probably killing some people or other equally big-ass monsters. Our brains can do thinking on their own time.
And for monsters, the only way is up. We want bigger, worse and more ridiculous. So, today we’re looking at the top 10 massive movie monsters That Went Too Far
➨ Sando Aqua Monster from ‘Star Wars’
➨ Smaug in the lord of rings "the hobbit"
➨ Kraken – Clash of the Titans
➨ Galactus – In the Fantastic Four
➨ Devastator – Transformers
➨ King Kong
➨ Cloverfield
➨ King Ghidorah
➨ Sandworm – Dune
➨ Berwilderbeast – How To Train Your Dragon 2

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