Why Rick And Morty Are The Same Person

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Rick and Morty is one of the wildest, most imaginative TV shows out there, so much so that it has spawned more fan theories than almost any other TV show ever made! And for good reason! Just about anything that you can imagine could happen in the multiverse of Rick and Morty, and even some things you might never have thought possible. But one fan theory in particular might just be the Rickest of all! And that theory is the one that Rick and Morty might actually be the same person!

Yup, you heard right! Some fans think that Morty is actually his own grandfather, or that Rick is his own grandson. While Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have gone on record about how they don’t want to get into the messy business of time travel, this theory wonders if Rick used time travel once, to go back in time and change his own future. See, some think that there is a possibility that Rick never came back to his family, and that Morty grew up without the influence of this grandfather. Without it, he became isolated and miserable, but interested in science. Over time, his life got so bad that Morty went to the utmost extremes in order to stop himself from winding up the way he did, which meant going back in time and impersonating his grandfather, in order to show himself the wonders of the universe!

Okay, so that’s just the jist of it, the real theory is a whole lot more complicated. Check out the video below for the full explanation!

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