Venom Is Inevitable

Despite the ongoing issues between Marvel Studios and Sony, Venom is the perfect villain for Marvel's Phase 4! Subscribe to our channel:

2018’s Venom was a surprise box office hit. Tom Hardy’s portrayal of Eddie Brock was a massive success, so much so that they’re all set to produce a sequel. However, Venom is one of the few Marvel characters that doesn’t belong to the main Marvel Cinematic Universe. Instead, the character is properly of Sony instead of Disney. However, there’s not telling how they may incorporate the alien symbiote into the MCU in the near future.

In this video, we’ll dig deep into the enigma that is venom. We’ll look at the character’s backstory, as well as the different iterations that have existed within the comics. We’ll also take a look at which characters could hypothetically bond with the symbiote and which ones would be the most powerful. Finally, we’ll discuss what the future has in store for everyone’s favorite alien anti-hero. Strap in, because this is The Venom Symbiote Taking Over Thanos As The Villain In MCU 4 Theory.

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