The X-Men Should Be A Show In The MCU – Here’s Why

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Back in 2000, eight years before the MCU started, we didn’t have many superhero films, but we did have the X-Men, among some other comic-book films. While the X-men films franchise had some not so great films, we also had some really amazing X-men films, especially X-men 2, First Class, Days of Future Past, Deadpool and of course Logan.
But this year, Disney had bought 20th Century Fox, and the X-men who for almost two decades were separate from the MCU, are not finally going to join the Avengers, Spider-Man, Black Panther and the Guardians of the Galaxy.
We are super excited about the fact that the X-men are going to join the Avengers, and can’t wait to see how Marvel studios will use the mutants. However, while we can’ wait to see the X-men join the MCU, part of us asks the question: will the X-men work in movie form?
We already had nine X-men films, two Deadpool films not including, and it seems like the great X-men characters never did get much chance to really shine on the big screen.
So, we here at Screen Rant believe that the best way to tell the amazing X-men stories is not in films, but on television form.
While it might be a crazy idea, we think television is the best way tell the X-men stories, and in this video we will explain how that will work, and how even if the X-men will be on television, they could still show up in the MCU films!

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