The Predator’s Secret Motives And Terminator Connection | Theory Battle

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1987’s PREDATOR is a film classic, pitting Arnold Schwarzenegger and a bunch of other testosterone-fueled dudes against a killer alien in the middle of a jungle. Countless attempts have been made to breathe new life into this film franchise, with the latest being ‘The Predator’ from writer/director Shane Black. The movie wasn’t exactly a hit, but it did make a lot of people feel nostalgic for the classic Arnie version. So today we’re going to take a look at some film theories about the 1987 Predator movie that just might be true. In one theory, we’ll show how Predator might actually be directly connected to The Terminator movies. In the other, we’ll show how each person The Predator killed was brought down in a way that was appropriate for their manly swagger. Let us know in the comment section which theory you think is the most likely to be true!

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