Stranger Things Stole Its Plot From The X-Files

There are a number of "strange" similarities between the plot of Stranger Things and a certain episode of The X-Files! Subscribe to our channel:

Stranger Things is one of the biggest hit shows to debut in recent memory. It’s taken Netflix by storm, as legions of fans eagerly await the next season so they can see what’s in store for Eleven and the gang. However, it may not be as original as you might think. In fact, the whole plot of Stranger Things actually comes directly from an episode of the X-Files. After all, both shows deal with the paranormal and all things spooky. The episode in question focuses on a young girl being experimented on, in order to develop supernatural abilities and be used as a weapon. Sound familiar?

In this video, we’ll break down all the similarities between these two series. It’s not just that one episode that links these shows together. The characters are comparable, the settings are similar, and the stories appear to be almost identical. The Duffer brothers, the creators of the beloved Netflix series, even admit to being huge X-Files fans. Stay tuned, because this is how Stranger Things Coped The X-Files.

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