Spider-Man Theory: This Is Mysterio’s Role In Far From Home

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The MCU’s Spider-Man: Homecoming changed the way we thought about Spider-Man and gave the character a rip-roaring introduction into the world of the live action Avengers. Then came Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which fundamentally altered the conversation about everyone’s favorite cinematic webslinger. Now, with Spider-Man: Far From Home being the next most anticipated installment about the friendly neighborhood superhero, we’re left wondering, how does it all come together? And how does it fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s bigger picture? Taking Spider-Man: Homecoming as a template, we can assume that Far From Home will have a twist to rival the Vulture’s surprise connection to Liz from the MCU’s first Spider-Man movie. Could unexpected plot turns center around this movie’s villain, Mysterio?

Played by Jake Gyllenhal, Mysterio will obviously be more than a second tier baddie. But will he be played as pathetic or grandiose? Will he cherish his chance to defeat Spider-Man or will this master of visual illusions use his powers for good before an ultimate fall from grace? Although the character has appeared in set photos and a promo image sans his iconic helmet, Gyllenhaal has been seen wearing a costume that resembles Mysterio’s iconic bulky, green suit. In this video, ScreenRant will take you through our theory about Mysterio’s role, his possible connection to the obscure villainous team known as the Elementals, and the chance that his character could surprisingly be one of the more noble members of Spider-Man’s rogues gallery.

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