Spider-Man Theory: Mysterio Planned To Fake His Own Demise

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We're now in that typical aftermath period of the latest MCU movie – Spider-Man: Far From Home, in this case – during which fans are constantly picking the movie apart, looking for clues, plot holes and Easter eggs, and coming up with theories about it.

Now, in spite of the fact that the movie's villain – Mysterio – appeared to perish at the movie's climax, one of those theories is that he's still alive, because his plan all along was to fake his own demise.

In this video, we'll be taking a thorough look at that theory – and we think there's enough evidence to suggest you'll definitely be convinced by this one.

It's mainly based on the simple fact that Spider-Man: Far From Home's entire theme was that not everything is as it seems – from Mysterio's illusions to the revelation that Nick Fury and Maria Hill had been Skrulls the whole time.

But there's also the fact that our only "confirmation" of Mysterio's passing came from EDITH – a piece of technology that Quentin Beck had previously had in his possession. Therefore, he could very easily have rigged it to lie on his behalf.

Finally, there are the facts that he was incredibly popular and could be very useful going forward in the MCU. He could, for example, allow Marvel Studios to retcon anything fans don't like as being nothing more than illusions created by Jake Gyllenhaal's character – and his illusions would provide a great platform for the Sinister Six to operate behind, if he was to join the MCU's version of the team.

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