Ready Player One Pitch Meeting

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Steven Spielberg ventured into the world of Virtual Reality with Ready Player One this year, bringing us into the OASIS. Wade AKA Parzival teamed up with Olivia AKA Art3mis to take on the big bad guys from I.O.I in order to go on an Easter Egg hunt. This movie raises a WHOLE lot of questions. What’s up with the inconsistent VR tech? Why did Halliday try to get people to go into the real world by making them dive into the world of VR? What’s up with the thousands of pop culture references? Why are I.O.I. and Nolan Sorento considered super evil when the OASIS is ALREADY profiting off of gamers and taking over their lives? Step inside the pitch meeting that led to Ready Player One. It’s super easy, barely an inconvenience.

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