Marvel’s Netflix Series: What Went Wrong?

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When talking about the Marvel Cinematic Universe — you’re most likely referencing the interconnected Disney movies like The Avengers, probably not referring to the awkwardly worded Sony’s Universal of Marvel Characters , and could possibly be talking about the dark horse of them all, Netflix’s Marvel Universe. Loosely connected to the theatrical MCU, The Marvel Netflix Universe consists of multiple shows, a crossover event, and a whole lot of controversy for fans. With the recent cancellation of both Luke Cage and The Iron Fist — many have pondered — what exactly went wrong with Marvel’s empire of Netflix shows? No, we’re not here to just bash the shows — there’s plenty of brilliance in them individually — but why has this universe failed as a whole? Like many connected universes – ahem, the DCEU — there’s no easy single answer, so we’ll just have to break everything down for you.

The Marvel universe has failed! Calm down there, Iron Man, put down your Stormbreaker, Thor. Of course, we’re not talking about the true MCU — but rather the Netflix universe of Marvel shows. For several years, Netflix and Disney had a great distribution agreement. Younger fans got to enjoy endless episodes of “Jessie” while older fans could enjoy films like Guardians of the Galaxy…and Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. Then the relationship got even stronger as the two sides went into production together — Netflix was teaming up with Marvel to release completely original TV shows. But how have these shows fared? Well, we will tell you and break every single element down to showcase exactly how Luke Cage and Iron Fist were cancelled.

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