Home Alone Theory: Kevin McAllister Grows Up To Be Jigsaw

After seeing all the similarities between Kevin McAllister and Jigsaw, you'll never be able to watch the Home Alone movies the same way! Subscribe to our channel:

I know what you’re thinking – how could one of the most beloved children's movies of all time, and a bonafide Christmas classic, be the backstory to one of the most dark and twisted movies ever made? I hate to break it to you, but Kevin McCallister from the Home Alone movies is absolutely Jigsaw from the Saw movies.

In this video, we’ll break down all the glaring evidence that points to this being the case. From the evolution of the traps they both set, to the psychology behind their ideas, and even their appearances, we’ll show you just how similar both these characters truly are. You may think that Home Alone was just innocent pranks, but it was actually the making of a dangerous individual. Strap in and get ready to have your mind blown, because this is how Kevin McCallister Grows Up To Be Jigsaw.

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