Ever Notice That Brad Pitt Is Always Eating In His Movies?

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For generations now, food has been a recurring staple in the movie industry. There are so many iconic scenes that revolve around eating, cooking, or just food in general. In fact, there are studies that prove the success rates of including some form of nourishment on the screen. Did you ever notice that Brad Pitt, at some point, eats in every single movie that he’s in? That’s because it’s a tried, tested, and proven fact that Brad Pitt movies perform better at the boxoffice when he’s consuming something in the film. How someone figured that out to be true is beyond me, but it’s absolutely the case.

In this video, we’ll be diving into all the recurring food-related tropes that we see in movies. We’ll also be taking a look at some of the more iconic uses of food in film, as well as some examples of movies actually influencing how people consume in real life. Just imagine how big of an impact Harold & Kumar had on the White Castle franchise, or how much spinach benefitted from Popeye, The Sailor Man. We’ll take a look at all the biggest examples, as well as some that you make have forgotten about.

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