Avengers: Endgame Fixed These MCU Plot Holes

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Avengers: Endgame had so many things to do. It had to wrap up the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe – a saga that has developed over the course of twenty-two films and the past decade – but it also had to tease the MCU’s future. And the reality of having such a long-running series made by multiple different filmmakers is that there’s sure to be some mistakes made along the way. We’re not talking about film quality, we’re talking about plot holes. And while it’s not Endgame’s job to retroactively fix all these plot holes, it actually addresses one or two in a surprisingly efficient way. It doesn’t fix all of them, but the fact that the Russos tried to solve some problems is admirable.

The MCU has plenty of plot holes to sift through, event starting as far back as the first Iron Man. But one of the biggest, earliest plot holes involves Thor’s Rainbow Bridge being destroyed in the first Thor film and mysteriously re-appearing intact for Thor: The Dark World. There’s also the infamous ‘Eight Years Later’ title card that opened Spider-Man: Homecoming and doesn’t make a lick of sense.

While the above examples are still left unsolved, Endgame did address a particular plot hole from Avengers: Age of Ultron. This plot hole involves Loki and a certain scepter that was mysteriously captured by Hydra without any explanation. It’s also possible Endgame addresses some of the plot conveniences of certain films like Ant-Man and Doctor Strange.

Let’s take a deep dive to determine how Endgame addresses these plot holes while leaving others up in the air.

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