Avengers 4 Theory: Shuri Will Figure Out How Dead Heroes Return

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The ending of Avengers: Infinity War shocked audiences around the world, and left the fate of the entire MCU hanging by a thread. With no idea how it is possible to recover from half of the universe being destroyed in a single moment, not to mention the deaths of some of our most beloved characters, including Spider Man, the Guardians of the Galaxy, T’Challa, Loki, and more, fans everywhere are desperate to know how Avengers 4 is going to go down. Are they really dead? Is it possible to imagine an MCU without the heroes we have come to know and love? Who is finally going to be able to stop the unstoppable Thanos?

With all of these questions swirling around everyone’s minds, some pretty amazing theories have come into play, like this one about Shuri, the young sister of T’Challa and one of the smartest women in Wakanda, and possibly the planet. Some think that it’s totally possible that Shuri will become the next Black Panther, as she would clearly be an amazing leader and is next in line for the throne. With that responsibility, her trip to the Ancestral Plane could reveal some pretty huge truths about the fate of her brother and the other half of the universe. If T’Challa is there in the Ancestral Plane, then it means that he really has died, and they must find a way to travel back in time and reverse Thanos’ snap. And if he isn’t, could everyone have been transported to another dimension entirely? Shuri is obviously a brilliant and amazing candidate for Black Panther, and we would trust her with the fate of the universe in her more than capable hands.

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