8 Infinity War Questions Avengers 4 Will Definitely Answer

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Avengers: Infinity War answered a lot of fans' questions, such as "where is the Soul Stone?" and "who will die and who will survive when Thanos snaps his fingers?" – but it also raised a lot of questions of its own.

Thankfully, many of them will be answered in Avengers 4 – and in this video, we'll run you through just a few examples of those questions that we expect to be answered.

The questions we expect to be answered are; Where was Hawkeye during the events of Avengers: Infinity War? Did any characters escape the Statesman before Thanos and his children massacred almost everyone on board? How will Tony Stark return to Earth from Titan? Where did Thanos go after his iconic finger snap? Is Gamora really dead after Thanos sacrificed her to obtain the Soul Stone? Is Vision really dead after Thanos pried the Mind Stone from his forehead? What did Shuri learn while she was trying to remove the Mind Stone from Vision? Which other characters were erased from existence when Thanos Snapped his fingers? Will every hero survive Avengers 4 or will there be some permanent losses? And what was the one winning scenario from the 14,000,605 Doctor Strange saw when he looked into the future?

We hope you enjoy the video! Which Infinity War questions do you think will be answered by Avengers 4? Please leave a comment letting us know your thoughts. And don't forget to subscribe to Screen Rant's YouTube channel, so you never miss our great new video uploads in the future.


1. Where was Hawkeye?
2. Did anyone escape the Statesman?
3. How will Tony Stark return to Earth?
4. Where did Thanos go?
5. Is Gamora actually dead?
6. Is Vision actually dead?
7. What did Shuri learn?
8. Who else was erased?
9. Will every hero survive?
10. What's the one winning scenario?

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