25 Messed Up Origins Of Disney Villains

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Part of what makes Disney movies so enticing is their incredible characters. We have fallen in love a million times over with heroes that rise above their status and prove themselves despite their dire situations. It never gets old! But as much as we love a Disney good guy, it’s the bad guys that keep us coming back for more. Something about their wicked ways and amoralistic tendencies are so captivating. They are often cunning, manipulative and downright sociopathic to the point where they are endlessly fascinating. Simba would be nothing without his need to defeat Scar and Mulan needs to take on Shan Yu to save her country. Without these villains, our favourite Disney films would not be the same. Today we will be looking at the backstories of 25 Disney Villains and uncovering the mysteries behind their twisted minds.

As you’ll discover, some will actually be more layered that you think and have motive for their bad behaviour. We found out that Gaston from Beauty and the Beast suffers from wartime PTSD and that Hades from Hercules hates his job and just wants to move up the ladder. While they are not necessarily justified for their actions, you will at least see that they aren’t bad for no reason. On the flip side, you’ll learn that some villains are worse than they seem. We will reveal that in the original version Sykes from Oliver and Company kills his girlfriend and that the jealous queen from Snow White actually thinks she’s eating the young girls liver in the first version! We’ll be providing you with a mix of messed up origin stories that were watered down for young audiences, and some tales that will have you empathizing with even the most horrible of characters. Buckle up!

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