25 MCU Scenes That Will Make You Weep

Here are some of the most tragic scenes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe!
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I think we all heard sniffles during *those scenes* in Endgame, which showed us some of the biggest tragedies in the MCU’s ten year history. But what we saw in theaters this month weren’t the only sad moments we’ve witnessed over the past 22 movies.

So we’re taking a trip down memory lane at all the deaths, sacrifices, missed opportunities, and tragic backstories that had us pretending our allergies were acting up. Suffice to say, we’re going to be spoiling all the MCU movies in this video, so if that’s the kind of thing you usually avoid, we’d skip this video (and stop reading this description), until you’re all caught up.

The death that created Iron Man. The extremely similar death that created Captain America. The moment that separated Cap from Peggy Carter. The sacrifice that created the Avengers. A small humane moment in Iron Man 3. A death in Thor the Dark World that pays off emotionally in Endgame. The one line in Winter Soldier that always makes us tear up. The childhood trauma that emotionally screwed up Peter Quill. The harrowing sequence from Age of Ultron that set up tragedies to come. One Avenger’s abrupt exit that began his arc for the next three movies. The tragic accident that leaves one Avenger forever changed. The fight scene we wished didn’t happen.

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