25 John Wick Movie Mistakes You Totally Missed

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John Wick may be a man of precision and perfection with a gun and a car, but when it comes to the filmmakers recording him, not everything goes so smoothly. The John Wick trilogy is a collection of three nearly perfect action movies, but we cannot help but notice some mistakes made along the way. From obvious editing blunders to magically healing cars, check out some mistakes you missed the first time around and see if you can spot them before the big reveals!

In one scene, Viggo manages to get the upper-hand on Wick by plowing into the side of his car with an SUV. But the whiplash and maximum force wasn’t enough. Viggo continues to push until Wick’s car falls off the edge of the docks, flips completely, and lands on the platform below. Did you spot the mistake? One of the earliest signs of Wick’s past and involvement with the world of assassins was when he made “dinner reservations” and called in the clean-up crew to dispose of the dead men scattered around his house. What could go wrong with a simple phone call? Dial a wrong number? Nope. Phone not plugged in? Nope. The mistake has to do with Wick’s dialogue. One of the more brilliant parts of John Wick is the pacing of the story, showcasing the love and build between John and his wife through a series of quick flashbacks without focusing too much on exposition. At one point we see a series of shots of their love together and the point where it takes a turn for the worse. John’s wife collapses, but something is a little off about the shot. Watch to see all of these mistakes and several others from EVERY John Wick movie!

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