25 Embarrassing CGI Fails These Movies Want You To Forget

Some of the worst use of CGI in movies, EVER.
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CG effects have gone through a lot of developments over the years. Once computers were actively used for movies, it seemed like every movie was trying to insert some type of digital effect. Some instances worked a lot better than others. Horrible CG can be distracting, take you away from a movie moment, and really tarnish the movie overall. Today we look at multiple examples where the CG was so bad we cringed.
The first Harry Potter film was a huge success, but it wasn’t without some bumps along the way — mainly the Mountain Troll CG effects. X-Men Origins: Wolverine seemed to downgrade his claws as the CG looked cheap and plastic. The return of the Scorpion King in the Mummy Returns was laughable, the animation was so poorly done. We love the Hulk now, but back in 2003, the monster was just a huge mess. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen featured some pretty horrid CG effects. Freddy Krueger has transformed into some weird things over the years, but his caterpillar may one of the worst effects in the whole franchise. Deep Blue Sea and I Am Legend both features CG villains that felt like a joke. Monkeys were the source of poor CG for Lost in Space, Jumanji, and the fourth Indiana Jones film. Dinosaurs were made terribly in both the Sound of Thunder and the 2005 version of King Kong. Watch all of these awful CG clips and many more in our quick list collection.

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