15 Lego Movie Secrets You Totally Missed

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One of the most original big studio animations to come out in the past decade was the LEGO Movie. Not only was the animation style unique, but the film brought plenty of laughs and helped launch a whole new franchise. While everything is awesome on the screen, there are plenty of secrets you may have missed while watching The LEGO Movie, the LEGO Batman Movie or LEGO Ninjago. Learn about these secrets and see how many different things you will notice the next time you watch the movie!

In the LEGO Movie we meet the everyman known as Emmet. While the name seems normal, a lot of research went into finding the real meaning. In the LEGO Batman movie, Batman watches Jerry Maguire. What may seem like a normal funny moment actually has a deeper connection to the Batman universe than you may realize. The LEGO Ninjago movie was set in its seemingly own world, but The LEGO Movie included plenty of hints of future long before anyone realized. The MAgic Portal featured in the LEGO Movie has a lot more history than most fans realize and showcases the full evolution of LEGO animated movies. Watch to see all of these hidden secrets and several others! The LEGO Movie Part 2 hits theaters soon and will offer some great ways to expand on the LEGO universe as Emmet returns with Batman, Wildstylez, and some new characters all along the way!

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