15 Fan Theories About Marvel’s Black Widow Movie

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After years of asking for a Black Widow film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans are finally getting one. There’s just one catch though: Natasha Romanoff has died during the events of Endgame. It would have been pretty easy to make a Black Widow film years ago, when fans were demanding it and when she was alive but now that the film is in production and we’ve seen first hand what her fate is, we have to wonder where this is going. And wondering leads us to internet theories, and there are a whole bunch more of those on the internet that could explain how this film is going to happen.

There are many theories that believe that the Black Widow solo film, which is currently in production, is actually going to be a prequel. There are a few options for when this could take place, including her time in the Red Room, working as an agent of chaos, her encounter with the Winter Soldier and her early years in SHIELD-including the mission to Budapest. There’s also the chance it could take place before Infinity War.

Then there’s the off chance that this film is actually a sequel to Endgame. This Natasha could be from another dimension, not unlike the new Gamora we met in Endgame. She also had a Pym particle and a time machine left on her body, perhaps someone or something could help her navigate time yet again? There’s also the chance that she was brought back when Steve restored the Soul Stone to its rightful place. Who knows, perhaps Natasha will get to square off with the Red Skull himself?

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