10 Marvel Characters More Worthy Of Mjolnir Than Thor

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When you think of the mighty Uru war hammer known as Mjolnir, the character who springs to mind immediately is usually Thor – and with good reason.

The God of Thunder is, without a doubt, the most common wielder of the powerful item.

But he's not the only one capable of wielding it.

Several other Marvel characters have proven themselves worthy of lifting Mjolnir – and there are several who haven't yet done so who we believe could.

In fact, we believe a number of Marvel heroes are actually more worthy than Thor himself when it comes to swinging the Asgardian weapon around in battle – as Thor can, at times, be a little rash and selfish.

In this video, we'll be looking at ten of those characters – some of whom have already lifted Mjolnir, and some of whom haven't.

The characters in question are: the Korbinite warrior Beta Ray Bill (who HAS lifted Mjolnir already), the Super Soldier Captain America (who HAS lifted Mjolnir already), Thor's former love interest Jane Foster (who HAS lifted Mjolnir already), the weather-controlling mutant and X-Men member Storm (who HAS lifted Mjolnir already), the frog Throg (who HAS lifted Mjolnir already), the All-Father Odin (who literally had Mjolnir created and placed the worthiness enchantment on it), the iconic friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man (who HASN'T lifted Mjolnir already), the Fantastic Four member The Thing (who HASN'T lifted Mjolnir already), the X-Men's leader Professor X (who HASN'T lifted Mjolnir already), and the King of Wakanda Black Panther (who HASN'T lifted Mjolnir already).

You'll have to watch the video to find out WHY we believe these characters to be more worthy than Thor when it comes to lifting Mjolnir!

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