10 Digital Movie Effects That Made Superhero Stunts Look Better!

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Visual effects technology has come a long way. While films like The Matrix and Avatar have led the way with new innovations and designs, it is the superhero genre that has taken full advantage of these technologies. Now, the larger-than-life comic book characters can display all of their powers on-screen using amazing visuals, CG effects, and detailed action shots that seem real. Thanks to this technology, movie fans can watch great battles and see things that have never been shown on the big screen before. Comic book panels come to life, faithfully recreating the powers and battles that readers have loved for years.

Past films used to require harnesses, camera trickery, and projection screens to create the effects of flying or other powers. Now, a whole scene can be created digitally around an actor and a green screen. This opens up limitless possibilities and the big screen debut of effects heroes like the Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers, or the X-Men. See some of the best CGI movie effects used for heroic fights, dramatic moments, and the creation of heroes like Ant-man, Colossus, and Groot. The key to making these scenes look real is focusing on small details, cutting at just the right moments, and blending practical effects with the digital CGI.

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Deadpool | 0:30
Doctor Strange | 1:42
Captain America: Civil War | 2:57
Batman V Superman | 4:06
Captain America | 5:18
X-Men: Days of Future Past | 6:20
Avengers: Age of Ultron | 7:28
Ant-Man | 8:38
Dark Knight Rises | 9:43
Guardians of the Galaxy | 10:48

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